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Safe and Bully Free!

This event is Co-Sponsored by Kitsap Safe Schools Network 

Together we will learn what bullying is (and isn't), how it impacts all participants, and explore the skills and strategies of intervention and prevention all providing and creating a classroom that is SAFE & BULLY FREE. 

This is a series of 4 hour trainings created to facilitate the growth of educators and those engaged with student learning from "bullying 101" through to "bully free" in four trainings.  (That's four 4-hour trainings)  

Because each training builds on the one before it, participants are strongly encouraged to have completed the series from beginning to end.  That doesn't require the same location or within the same series, just in order (Check out the EVENTS page for the specific dates of each training.  Check back often as dates are being added all the time);


Bullying 101

An introduction to the concept of bullying and the skills and strategies necessary to create classrooms that are SAFE, FUN and full of HIGH PERFORMING LEARNERS!



Understanding = Dismantling

You are strongly encouraged to have completed Bullying 101 to fully participate in this training. 

HOMEWORK BEFORE HAND:  Read The Bully Book by Eric Kahn Gale 

In this experience, we explore the various types of bullying, diving deep to understand all bullying is not created equal.  This is where we specifically understand what strategies to apply and when; how to provide lacking skills for both the target and the perpetrator; and how to minimize the negative impacts.  All the while, we are expanding on how to create and nurture our SAFE & BULLY FREE CLASSROOM! 



Ahhhh! Strategies

You are strongly encouraged to have completed;

Bullying 101 and


to fully participate in this training. 

Homework:  Identify your three greatest challenges related to the application of what you have learned so far in Bullying 101 and Understanding=Dismantling.

This experience provides detailed strategies that are presented, experienced, and explored with an expectation that every classroom will have a tool box of options to meet a myriad of needs and situations. 



 Contagious Classrooms!

You are strongly encouraged to have completed;

Bullying 101,

Understanding=Dismantling, and

Ahh!  Strategies!;

to fully participate in this training. 

This is where the rubber hits the road, where we apply everything we've been learning to create classrooms that are fun, welcoming, and support learners who are engaged, well-performing and having a great time.  All this makes for SAFE & BULLY FREE CLASSROOMS!



Each of the above trainings has four (4) clock hours available


We can create classrooms and schools, districts and communities that experience bullying as an anomaly - something that is strange and rare.


We do this by:


  •  Empowering students with skills and support that eliminates things like bullying and encourages high performance and fun.

  • Empowering teachers with strategies and structures that allow for successful classroom management as part of their every day life - it's not one more thing - putting the love of teaching back in a classroom where differentiation can happen.

  • Empowering administrators with culturally responsive mechanisms of discipline and management that encourages self-responsibility and supports a school climate that supports closing the achievement gap.

  • Empowering families and communities with skills, strategies, and opportunities to support themselves and their children as viable members of society, making a difference and enjoying life.


This program can be provided in many formats:


  • as single trainings by Leah for either students or staff.  This is strictly the Bullying 101 training and can be offered to groups of students, teachers, parents, community members, etc.  The training can be modified for 60 minutes to the full four hours based on the audience.

  • as series trainings by Leah for staff and/or students.  This  is the full program series, one series designed for students and one series designed for staff.

  • after the full staff series trainings,  Leah offers a Training of Trainers (ToT) series.  This consists of 16 hours of training that allows your trained staff to replicate the training series within your organization for staff and students.  

  • The overarching goal is to create sustainability for within your organization, creating a culture that supports high performers, closes the achievement gap, and creates safe and fun classrooms.




Contact Me for more information on how to bring this to your organization!! 


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