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Renewing Relationships
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Leah R. Kyaio, Education Consultant & Change Catalyst

Leah grew up in the inner city where the family business included drugs and guns.  She learned a lot in that world but mostly she learned it wasn't where she wanted to be, what she wanted to do, nor who she was.  So she changed all that.  That was just the beginning.

Pretty amazing, huh?

Wait till you meet her!   She IS amazing!  Her positive focus sees people first, recognizing strengths while speaking her truth.  She negotiates conflict with balance and integrity.  She offers insight and information in ways that are unique and clear and her humor and condor are just the touch that's needed to make it the perfect mix.  Her ability to negotiate and mediate to create win-win situations for students and the systems that serve them is only surpassed by her passion to do the right thing in a good way.

She is a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, a trainer, a teacher, engaging, intelligent,  funny and delightful!  She has worked with individuals, organizations, government agencies and educational institutes across the nation with rousing success and glowing feedback, provided without much prompting and reflected above.  She has over 15 years of experience in training and professional development in the fields of  Cultural Competence and Non-Violence with certifications in Anti-Oppression Training, Conflict Resolution Training, Mediation, Conflict Negotiation, and Cross Cultural Communication.   She also holds teaching certifications in two states in general and special education.  Best of all Leah loves to learn and teach - something she does every day, in every way.

Contact Leah today as a speaker, a trainer, a mediator, or an advocate.  Regardless, you won't be disappointed.




Professional Vita:

To effect a positive influence on individuals, communities, organizations, and the world that impacts relationships in meaningful ways.  


PhD      Educational Leadership & Administration  (degree not yet received, coursework completed)  Capella University

M.Ed.   Education/Special Education                  awarded March 2000    Wright State University

B.A.      Psychology                                                        awarded June 1994         Wright State University


Leah is an innovative, cutting edge thinker who is an accomplished professional with extensive teaching, training and human resource development experience.   Her successes include academic and professional achievements as an entrepreneur, a published author, parent advocate, mentor, researcher, trainer, conflict negotiator, and mediator. Leah is a versatile, intelligent professional with a high level of integrity, flexibility and a unique rapport and comfort with diverse audiences. 


Certified Anti-Oppression Trainer, Cultural Bridges, 1996

Certified in Cross Cultural Communication and Conflict Resolution, Cultural Bridges 1997

Certified in Mediation, Cultural Bridges 1997, Restorative Justice 2001 

4MAT Master Trainer, About Learning, 2002

Trainer & Speaker for Safe Schools Network, 2008 - present

National Trainer for GLSEN, 2010