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With Respect has been born out of the need to nurture and support everyone PLAYING NICE IN THE SANDBOX.  It is about educators coming together and creating communities that truly respect and honor diversity and walk their talk of inclusion, cultural competence, equal opportunity, and safety.

The primary objective of With Respect is unique.  It is to provide every teacher, every staff member, every parent, every student, and every community member with the vision, skills, incentive, resources, and strategies to transform education.  Transformation is the action that has been called for in what we know to be true; the education system is failing our children, our communities, and our future.  The research of what needs to happen is out there.  It just hasn't been implemented.  With Respect wants to bring that research - the tools for our tool boxes - into the hands of those who can implement; teachers, staff, administrators, community members, parents, and students.  

The how is simply the idea that individuals take charge of their corner of education.  Teachers intentionally create classroom culture that supports all learners, that inherently supports diversity, learning, and growing.  It's not necessarily about warm fuzzies and creativity (though there is surely a place for such things).  It is about creating responsible relationships where students own their learning and teachers own their teaching AND both sides have opportunities to learn and grow.

The mechanisms to create the relationships, the classrooms, the schools, and the communities are through professional development, successful mediation, strong student advocacy, and clear motivational/keynote speaking.  


That's what With Respect offers.  Contact me now to talk about what you are looking for or explore the options below. 

Sounds like fun, eh?  Join me now, with these opportunities:

SAFE & BULLY FREE CLASSROOMS! Training series that helps us begin to understand bullying and how to eliminate it by creating classroom cultures that support high performing learners who are having fun.


With Respect was created to build, support, promote, encourage, nurture, and empower healthy community by renewing relationships. 


CONTACT ME to start today with you, your child, your school, or your community!